Philippe Hardy Endowment Fund

Philippe Hardy

Philippe Hardy was born February 15th, in Paris. His father was an engineer and his mother a teacher. He had 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl.

He was at school at the Lycée Hoche in Versailles, then studied medicine in Paris (Paris-Ouest University)

Pr Hardy completed his orthopaedic residency at the department of orthopaedics at Nancy, he completed his Microsurgery Diploma and got his Masters in Biomechanical studies from ENSAM school in Paris. 

In 1998, he became the first chair and coordinator at University of Paris (Paris V ),  then he became the coordinator of Surgery in the Region of Paris,  he also became head of the orthopedic department at the university hospital Ambroise-Paré (Boulogne-Billancourt) and Raymond Poincaré (Garches) being one of the youngest professor in orthopedic surgery in France, during his tenure he focused on the study of sport surgery and especially shoulder injury and pathologies, and developed new techniques with the aim of improving his patients quality of life. He led his department in improving and developing new techniques in shoulder surgery and new materials in shoulder prosthesis. Pr hardy authored numerous publication and audiovisual presentations primarily focused on sport injury and shoulder pathologies.

His Academic honors include a fellowship under the tutelage of Pr Lortat-Jacob, commander of the ordre Nationale du Merite, he served as president of the French society of Arthroscopy in 2003-2005. Pr Hardy is a member of numerous medical association (SOFCOT,ISAKOS, AANA, AOSSM, ESSKA) and he was the director of school of surgery at  Moulin, Paris. He was co-editor of numeros journals, mainly OTSR and KSSTA.

Pr Hardy transferred his knowledge to countless colleagues and was a beacon of knowledge guiding the path for the future generation of doctors and surgeons to always improve and be at the forefront of progress in surgery.

The Philippe Hardy association was created in the same spirit and to honor his legacy and values he instilled in every one of us.

Philippe Hardy Association was created to pursue in the same spirit.

The SFA Donation Fund will thrive in following these Research and Training activities.